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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Capital Planning


Capital Projects are the planning, design and construction of physical facilities that are in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the university and its stakeholders. Minor capital budgeting accounts for assets that are $500,000 and below. Major capital budgeting includes assets over $500,000, with WSU Regents approving all WSU funded projects over $2M. Assets that are considered for capital planning have life cycles at, or in excess of, seven years.

Funding sources for capital renewals vary by priority, asset, scope and costs. Sources of funding typically include federal and state agencies, as well as industry and private sectors.

Capital request must be approved, and moved forward by the Voiland College Dean’s Office, to WSU Leadership for consideration in the WSU Capital Request prioritization process.

Capital Requests

WSU submitted the following capital budget funding requests to the Washington State Legislature, via the Office of Financial Management.


2023-2025 biennium included one request for $40,000,000 supporting Voiland College facilities.  The request was fully funded.  For more information please view:

Learn more about the Voiland College’s facilities modernization.


2021-2023 biennium included three requests totaling $18,500,000 supporting Voiland College facilities. For more information please view:


2019-2021 biennium included a $ 9.6M request supporting Voiland College facilities. For more information please view: