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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Safety Training

Training Courses

All Voiland College employees, indifferent of position or work location, are required to take the following online safety training courses:

  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Emergency and Fire Safety Preparedness
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Asbestos Hazard Awareness
  • University Laboratory Safety – Working Safely

All Voiland College employees, visitors, guests, and students working within laboratories are required to take the following basic lab safety training courses.  Other courses may also be necessary for the safety of lab personnel depending on risk.  Please consult the lab’s Principle Investigator(s) for direction in obtaining additional training necessary for lab specific hazards.

  • University Laboratory Safety – Analyzing Chemical Hazards
  • University Laboratory Safety – Analyzing Physical Hazards
  • University Laboratory Safety – Analyzing Developing and Using Controls
  • Risk Assessment
  • PPE – Eye and Face Protection
  • PPE – Hand Protection

How To Access Safety Training

To access the mandatory training noted in the bullets above, as well as many other training and professional development courses, go to Employee Training and Development and log into WSU’s Training website using your WSU Network ID and password.  On the top right of the page click on the red box labeled “Log In To Your Online Learning Account”.  You will be prompted for your network ID and password.  Once you have logged in, on the left side of the page you’ll see “WSU Safety Courses”.  Click on WSU Safety Courses to access a large selection of safety courses, including all but one of Voiland College’s required courses, the Asbestos Hazard Awareness training.  Details on how to access the Asbestos Hazard Awareness training is below.

Upon completing a training course (a score of 80% and above is required to pass) the trainee will be awarded a certificate of completion.  At any time WSU employees can view their training progress by selecting “Learning Transcript”.  From within the Learning Transcript any training initiated within WSU’s Training website, in process or completed, can be viewed.  To view/download a completed certificate choose the training course desired, click on the icon under “Actions”, and select print.  A copy of the certificate will pop up.  Click on the print icon in the top right corner to print the certificate.  Please note that by changing the print destination to “save as PDF” a digital copy of the certificate can be downloaded.  The downloaded certificate can then be attached to an email and sent on to a supervisor.

Supervisors can verify their workers’ training either by looking at completed training certificates, provided by their employees via paper or digital formats, or via reports their unit’s administrators are able to access within WSU’s Training system, also known as SkillSoft.

Asbestos Hazard Awareness Training

Asbestos Hazard Awareness training is not currently available within WSU’s Training Website. This training is provided via WSU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).  Click on Asbestos Hazard Awareness training to begin the Asbestos training, located on WSU Environmental Health & Safety’s website, within Workplace Safety.  Personnel taking the Asbestos Hazard Awareness training will need to enter their WSU Network ID and password to access the training, and will need to have their supervisors email which will need to be entered at the end of the training.  Once the training is completed the training session will generate a completion of training report.  A copy will be emailed to the supervisor’s email that was entered.  It is suggested that you also document the time and date of the training for your records.  EH&S can be contacted directly to confirm training completion for Asbestos Hazard Awareness training.  The training is not recorded in the WSU Training Website.

WSU Training Requirements & Specific Hazard Training Topics Available

The training required for all WSU employees, per SPPM 2.18, is included in the Voiland College mandatory training, defined in the list above.  Additional training topics are available for specific hazards.

Frank Innovation Zone Safety Training (FIZ)

Training is required for those that wish to use the Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ) maker spaces, fabrication labs, and equipment.  Please visit the FIZ website, or stop by Dana Hall 15, for more information.

Fabrication Labs Safety Training (Fab Labs)

Training is required for those that wish to use equipment available in the Fabrication Labs (Fab Labs). Please visit the Fab Labs website for more information.