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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Building Hours & Access

Building Hours

Buildings Accessibility

As of 7/12/2021 all Voiland College buildings will be open during normal hours, and WSU will resume post COVID-19 activities.

Most all Voiland College buildings are open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The table below lists Voiland College’s (Pullman campus) open building hours with the days and hours exterior doors are open, and how to access exterior building entries after building hours. All Voiland College buildings are closed during university holidays.  Persons with an academic need to access facilities outside of building hours are provided access based on school/departmental approval.

Building NameDays OpenBuilding HoursAccess Method
AlbrookN/AN/AKey or Pin Pad Code
Carpenter HallWeekdays7:00AM-7:00PMCougar Card
Dana HallWeekdays & Weekends7:00AM-10:00PMCougar Card
Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering BuildingWeekdays & Weekends7:00AM-10:00PMCougar Card
Engineering Lab BuildingWeekdays7:00AM-11:00PMCougar Card
Engineering Teaching Research Lab BuildingWeekdays & Weekends7:00AM-10:00PMCougar Card
Paccar Environmental Technology BuildingWeekdays
7:00AM-5:00PMCougar Card
Research ParkN/AN/AKey
Sloan HallWeekdays & Weekends7:00AM-10:00PMCougar Card
Sloan Hall Courtyard Weekdays, Weather Permitting 7:00AM-5:00PMCougar Card
Thermal Fluids Research BuildingWeekdays7:30AM-5:30PMKey
Wegner HallWeekdays

Undergraduate Student Access

Undergraduate students with significant time requirements, (such as those in capstones or with design requirements) are provided access, via their WSU Cougar Cards, throughout the duration of the semester. Access will be terminated on the last day of the semester.

Access to Dana Hall, EE/ME, ETRL, and Sloan Hall 24/7

  • Architecture: ARCH 403
  • Bioengineering: BE 410, 411
  • Civil Engineering: CE 465
  • Chemical Engineering: ChE 432, 433, 450, 451
  • Computer Science: CPT_S 421, 423
  • Electrical Engineering: E_E 415, 416
  • Engineering: ENGR 420, 421, 431
  • Entrepreneurship: ENTRP 496
  • Interior Design: I_D 426
  • Landscape Architecture: LND_ARCH 485
  • Mechanical Engineering: ME 416

Access to Wegner Hall 24/7

  • Chemical Engineering: CHE 450, CHE 452
  • Bioengineering: BE 410, and BE 411

Graduate Student Access

Graduate students enrolled in the following listed course will have building access, via their WSU Cougar Cards, to Dana, EE/ME, ETRL, and Sloan 24/7/365.

This access will be maintained throughout summer and winter breaks.  Access will be removed on the first day of the semester the graduate student is no longer enrolled.

  • Civil Engineering: CE 700, 702, 800
  • Chemical Engineering: CHE 700, 702, 800
  • Computer Science: CPT_S 700, 702, 800
  • Electrical Engineering: E_E 551, 582.05, 595, 596, 700, 702, 800
  • Engineering Management: EM 600, 702
  • Environmental Engineering: (all environmental engineering courses use CE suffix)
  • Materials Science & Engineering Program: MATSE 600, 800
  • Mechanical Engineering: ME 700, 702, 800
  • Materials Science & Engineering: MSE 600, 700, 702

Tips on Swiping Cougar Cards

If you swipe slowly, your card will not be read and the door will not unlock. 
A green light on the reader, accompanied by a click, indicates that you have access and you can open the door. A red light indicates that you do not have access, and if there is no change to the lights on the reader your card was not read.

Dana, EE/ME, ETRL, Sloan, and Paccar exterior card readers are proximity enabled.  Proximity Cougar Card readers are highly sensitive.  You may find yourself swiping several times to get the card reader to read your Cougar Card.  Please place your Cougar Cards magnetic strip firmly against the left side of the card reader and swipe your card very quickly.  If you prefer, you can personally upgrade your Cougar Card at the CUB’s Cougar Card Center for $10 and get a card with a proximity chip in it.  A Cougar Card that has a proximity chip only has to be in close proximity to the Cougar Card reader and the door will unlock – swiping is not necessary.

Most interior door Cougar Card readers are not proximity enabled.

Policies Regarding Access

BPPM 50.20


Students may access classrooms, laboratories, assigned offices, and other areas where instruction or other official student activities occur.
Official student activities include activities that are associated with:

  • Official University classes,
  • University research under the direction of a University staff or faculty member, or
  • Student groups that are registered in accordance with WAC 504-28-010.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers may access restricted areas when supervised by authorized University faculty or staff. Visitors, under the age of 18 years, must be directly supervised by authorized University faculty or staff.
NOTE: When not acting in their official capacities, staff, faculty, and students have only those rights of access accorded visitors and volunteers.

Safety Glasses & Voiland College Safety Training Required to Access Laboratories

Protective eye wear is required for entering all Voiland College laboratories.
Safety training is required, for all persons, prior to accessing Voiland College laboratories.

Contacts for Key and Cougar Card Access

If you need exterior building access, please refer to the table below for whom to contact.

UnitKey ContactCard Contact
Voiland School of Chemical
Engineering & Bioengineering
Nicole Leavitt
Nicole Leavitt
Civil & Environmental
Colton Graham
Annie Hansen
School of Design &
Kate Barnes
Kate Barnes
Electrical Engineering &
Computer Science
Gwen Miller
Gwen Miller
Engineering &
Technology Management
Krista McKibbin
Krista McKibbin
Mechanical &
Materials Engineering
Kelley Parsons
Kelley Parsons
Voiland College Dean's OfficeJacob Acey
Jacob Acey