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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Security Camera Policy & Implementation

Updated March 2017

The Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture will use the WSU Finance & Administration Police Camera System (here forward referred to as FAPCS) for all new camera installs in Voiland College. The system, managed by Finance & Administration, will introduce numerous safety benefits and reduce liability for Voiland College, personnel, students and constituents. The FAPCS is viewable, can be monitored live, and footage reviewed in event of incident by WSU Police, as well as by the camera’s owner (owner for example is the faculty or staff member having the camera installed). The added level of monitoring and review will allow for better security for Voiland College and constituents. Additional benefits of moving to the FAPCS include assurance of meeting state legal requirements of camera use including chain of custody, retention requirements, and ensures the quality of footage recorded and camera positioning meet WSU Police and Finance & Administration safety recommendations.

The FAPCS does require:

  • Cameras have to use Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) compliant drivers for compatibility with the WSU Business & Finance Police Camera System.
    • WSU Police have tested numerous cameras for quality and have a variety of camera options to choose from, depending on room and use. The makes and models continue to be updated.
  • Each camera needs to have its own direct Ethernet line, with power over Ethernet, preferably Category. 5 or 6 rated cable with ability to pass data up to 100 mbps, connected to an isolated jack in the wall or back to a communications closet. One port is required for each camera and the ports cannot be daisy chained.

The camera and one-time license fee are comparable to other systems. The required data connection may require running a line if a port is not currently available where the camera is installed, which then becomes the most significant cost of the camera installation. Camera purchase, licensing and installation are at the expense of the camera’s owner.

Existing cameras in Voiland College are grandfathered in and do not have to be immediately moved to the FAPCS. Should an existing camera no longer work, however, or for any reason the camera needs to be physically updated or replaced (software updates are excluded), it’s replacement must move to the Finance & Administration Camera System or the camera must be removed.

  • If a camera already installed in Voiland College is ONVIF compliant it is highly recommended the owner move their cameras over to the FAPCS, however this is at the owner’s discretion.
  • Inactive or non-functioning cameras are not permitted.

WSU is responsible for properly posting monitoring notices and will be liable if done incorrectly. Any rooms or areas that have a camera must include a statement that the facility is being monitored by security cameras on the outside of the room. The camera’s owner is responsible for this expense, as well as ensuring the signage is continuously posted. An example of signage:

Monitoring signage that reads Please note: You are being monitored by electronic surveillance.

Voiland College administration, such as Voiland College Information Technology and Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services, will have access to view all Voiland College cameras using the FAPCS.

Exceptions to this policy may be made for specific circumstances, but no exceptions to this policy will be granted for cameras installed for monitoring of people, property, safety, or security.

Video footage is subject to the WSU Records Retention Schedule and is subject to the Washington Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). WSU Finance & Administration and Voiland College are responsible for complying with the retention requirements and for providing records if requested under the Public Records Act.

Recordings of students may be subject to privacy protection under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and may only be accessed by university officials with a legitimate educational purpose.


In accordance with the Voiland College Security Camera Policy, all new camera installations will be managed by WSU Business and Finance and monitored via the WSU Finance & Administration Police Camera System (here forward referred to as FAPCS). This changes the requirements for the installation of cameras.

Cameras vetted and recommended by the WSU Police and WSU Finance & Administration are strongly recommended. Other cameras with ONVIF compliant drivers could be used, but are not advised.

Camera installations on the FAPCS system are at the cost of the requestor and include the camera, one time license fee, and installation costs including possible new Ethernet line. Any data storage and annual camera license maintenance costs will be covered by Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services (cameras are considered a safety measure that also benefit the college and its constituents).

As of January 2017 several cameras had been vetted. A few of the most frequently installed include:

  • Sony SNC-EM631 Dome 1920×1080
  • Sony SNC-HM662 Mini Dome 360 5MP
  • Sony SNC-EM632RC Outdoor Dome 1920×1080
  • Sony SNC-WR632 PTZ Outdoor Dome 1920×1080

Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services will coordinate the purchase and installation of cameras, in collaboration with the Voiland College camera requestor along with Voiland College’s Information Technology team and WSU Finance & Administration. An estimate can first be generated, and upon funding the work will proceed, or the work can proceed without an estimate. If a new run to the Communication Closet is required, a request will be put in for the run. Once the run has been completed, the camera(s) will be installed.

To access, view, monitor and review the FAPCS a static IP will be required on the user’s computer as a security measure. A web interface will be provided as available, or a software client will be installed on the owner’s station (Windows Operating system required). Access to the FAPCS has to be made via the particular station with the static IP.

Voiland College IT will be coordinating the static IP and software installation for the faculty to view and monitor the camera(s).

If you’d like to request cameras, or if there are any questions about purchasing and installing new cameras, please contact Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services at 509-335-3783 or

Reference: The WSU Attorney General’s Office advised Voiland College in the creation of this policy, March 2017.