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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Dean's Message

More Important Than Ever: Engineering Changes LivesFrom Dean Candis Claiborn

Dean Candis ClaibornThe compelling Grand Challenges for Engineering, as articulated by the National Academy of Engineering, have sparked a renewed interest in the role of engineering and design in solving our nation’s biggest challenges. These grand challenges show clearly just how important engineering is in contributing to our quality of life in areas like energy, the environment, our health, and security.

Below are some examples of the exciting work that is happening right now in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture to train the next generation in solving these critical challenges.

  • Research in Chile after the recent earthquake there
  • Our efforts to create a new kind of bioasphalt to someday replace petroleum-based asphalt
  • Training a new generation of power engineers in renewable energy sources and a smart electric power grid.
  • Student clubs that are tackling challenges, learning problem-solving skills (and winning competitions!)

WSU’s recent 10th place ranking among Clean Tech universities nationally, and Voiland College’s contributions to this recognition, demonstrates that at the confluence of compelling, broad-based, societal challenges and critical mass of engaged faculty lies real opportunities for WSU Voiland College to define itself for real, global impact.

We are headed down the right path, with our signature themes and strengths in sustainable design, clean power, renewable energy, advanced materials, and the environment.

We are doing truly exciting work here, and we have a lot more to do!

Thank you for your support for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture.