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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture About the College

Office of the Dean

Our college is a major research engine at WSU, and we play an important role in building prosperity and the economic vitality of our state and region.

Engineers are the ones who are working to solve critical issues in energy, environment, health, and security, and the students that we educate are the ones who are going to solve these challenges.

We are focused on moving forward with a research-led vision for educational excellence in the college. In particular, we are focusing on our signature interdisciplinary themes, where we have a critical mass of excellent faculty, world-class facilities, and strong, existing research programs.

In fact, these already have been the traditional areas of strength and focus in the college. And, they answer challenges in energy, the environment and health that are critical for our state and nation’s future. These programs include research in advanced materials, smart grid power networks, renewable energy and energy conversion, air and water quality, sustainable infrastructure, and engineering for health.

While our vision is centered on building these research programs, I want to emphasize that we continue our focus on our undergraduate mission. Our reputation, which is built on these research strengths, remains critical to undergraduate education. Our final priority area, in fact, is in developing future leaders and entrepreneurs who will address our critical national challenges.

We are investing strategically and are aligning the college structure for maximum operational efficiency. We are promoting interdisciplinary research and will focus our future investments in these signature areas. All of our faculty hires are aligned with our strategic priorities.

We have worked to hone our budget, so that it is performance driven and uses scarce resources more strategically. Our effort aims to be collaborative – with no ‘small thinking.’

Please feel free to contact us or to come for a visit.

Mary Rezac, Dean

Dean Mary Rezac.

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Mary Rezac, Dean
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