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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Research

We are working to power new research and solutions to create a sustainable energy future, to apply technology to preserve our quality of life, and to educate tomorrow’s innovators.

Research Areas

Advanced Materials

WSU’s long history of excellence in materials research has had and continues to have broad impacts on state and regional industries. Learn more.

Air and Water Quality

Tackling regional, national, and international problems in a cooperative framework to solve air and water quality issues. Learn more.

Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion

In partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WSU is positioned to be a national leader in developing, testing and using catalysts to advance society. Learn more.

Engineering for Health

Blending engineering methodology with the physical and the biological sciences to open the way for new technologies of the 21st century. Learn more.

Smart Power

Working to develop and incorporate new technologies aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of electric power and energy systems. Learn more.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Design

Developing solutions for building materials, design, and constructability and providing innovative approaches to benefit the public by pioneering changes to the design and construction of the built environment. Learn more.

Power Grid Security

How do you keep our power grid safe from hackers? Engineers, including Adam Hahn, at Washington State University are developing smart technologies to keep the lights on. Adam Hahn is an assistant professor in the WSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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