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  • Jake Gray holds up catalyst in the lab. In His Element

    By Mary Catherine Frantz, intern, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

    Jake Gray first discovered his love of research in high school physics class when his teacher challenged his students to predict the path of a marble rolling down a ramp.

    He fondly remembers the simple experiment and the joy and elation when the marble hit its calculated target.

    “It is so exciting to predict how the universe works,” he says.

    “Research is the best opportunity on campus to learn outside of a textbook.”
    Su Ha, associate professorA graduate student in the Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Gray is … » More …

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  • Portrait of Mona Ghandi. Photo courtesy of The Vilcek Foundation. Compassionate Spaces

    Mona Ghandi envisions a world where rooms can become an extension of our minds.

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  • Kaveh Khorram sits at his laptop during an interview Hooked on Hacking

    WSU’s Kaveh Khorram has made a name for himself at hackathons across the country.

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  • Group of researchers sitting in a motorboat. New Directions

    Amelia Brown discovers her path through WSU’s research opportunities.

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