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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Dual Degree

Dual-Degree Program Advising Sheets

Partnerships with other state universities

Choose your original university:

Central Washington University

If your institution is NOT listed here, but you are still interested in obtaining degrees from your current institution AND an engineering degree from WSU, please contact the WSU Transfer Center (

The Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture offers dual-degree opportunities in engineering in partnership with other regionally accredited Washington baccalaureate institutions. Through completion of these partnerships students receive a baccalaureate engineering degree in their selected discipline from WSU and a degree from their original institution in their original major. Program requirements are as follows:

  • Students successfully complete the first three (3) years of a degree program, usually in Physics or Chemistry, and satisfy the requirements of the original institution’s department.
  • As a part of their coursework students complete all courses necessary to transfer into the 3rd year – junior level – engineering degree program of their choice.
  • As a part of their coursework students complete all courses necessary to satisfy the lower-division General Education Requirements1 of the original institution. Students provide a letter from the original institution certifying completion.
  • Students complete the WSU coursework necessary for completion of their selected degree program, as well as the following upper-division requirements:
    a. Initiation of a Junior Writing Portfolio2 by the end of their first semester at WSU. To this end, students should save examples of writing from coursework completed at the original institution, and obtain the required instructor sign-off prior to transfer, if possible.
    b. A WSU Tier III Humanities or Social Science Course.
  • Following WSU baccalaureate degree completion, students must contact the original institution and complete the process required to satisfy degree completion for the original degree program.

Complete a WSU Scholarship Application. As stated on the WSU Scholarships & Finances website, in order to be considered for a scholarship you must:

  1. Apply to WSU by January 31
  2. Complete your WSU Scholarship Application by January 31, and
  3. Complete your FAFSA by February 15.

For more information email

1- Per section 6g of the WSU Catalog, “Completion of lower-division General Education Requirements will be granted to students who have completed all of the lower-division General Education Requirements at another regionally accredited Washington baccalaureate institution, provided the sending institution so certifies.”
2- WSU Junior Writing Portfolio.