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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

VCEA Club Purchasing Procedures

Purchasing Food

VCEA purchasing team is unable to process the food order without properly completed Request To Serve Food (RTSF) form.

  • This form MUST be turned in a minimum of five (5) business days (not including weekends) in advance of the event.
  • Failure to meet this deadline will result in the purchase request being rejected.
  • Download a blank copy of the RTSF (PDF).


Follow the instructions below to request a food purchase.

  1. Download, fill out, sign it then have your president/treasurer/advisor also sign the Request to Serve Food form (PDF).
    1. The RTSF will need two (2) signatures before submission.
  2. Fill out the Food Purchase Request Form. Include all the required information.
  3. Upload completed RTSF to the request.



Purchasing Goods or Services

Tip: Planning on receiving items a week before they are needed for an event will prevent much higher expedited shipping costs. Order as early as possible in the planning process.

Follow the instructions below to request a goods or services purchase.

  1. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your club’s account.
  2. Fill out the Goods or Services Purchase Request Form. Include all the required information.
    1. For bulk orders with several items, use the Club Order Spreadsheet  and attach to the order form.
  3. Wait for email confirmation of your order and delivery.
  4. Go to Club Package Pickup Room (Dana 108) to pick up your order within the hours posted on the door.



VCEA Purchasing Team can arrange for your club travel such as flight, lodging (e.g., hotel, Airbnb), and motor pool vehicle rental.


Each traveler must fill out and submit a separate Travel Request Form.

  • Tip: To ensure everyone travels together and minimizes costs, have all travelers submit their form the same day and as far in advance as possible.


If you prefer to make your own travel arrangements and request reimbursement after your trip:

    • You will need to submit your reimbursement request to the RSO office directly.
    • Please keep all the receipts during your travel for submission.
    • Note that reimbursement is not guaranteed and is contingent upon the availability of funds. It is the traveler’s responsibility to confirm the availability of funds for reimbursement with the club officers and the RSO office prior to their travel.



  • Each purchase request has an approval step.
  • Your club president/treasurer must approve the purchase before VCEA can process the order.


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