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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

Voiland College Clubs

Club & Contact Information

Most Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture clubs are multi-faceted, composed of student membership from a variety of engineering majors! 

3D Printing Club
President: Austin Flood
Advisor: Arda Gozen

3D printing club is dedicated to improving the design and manufacturing skills of members through projects, workshops and practical experience. We strive to make our meetings fun and entertaining, while promoting conversation and discovery. If you’re always up for learning something new, this might be the place for you!

Amateur Radio Club (Rho Epsilon or Ham Radio)
President: Charles Ludwig
Advisor: Mae Siev

We are here because we would like to continue a tradition at WSU that has been going for almost 100 years. Ham Radio has always been about connecting the world together, and with the advent of the internet, learning about this essential form of communication has never been easier.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)
President: Emmy Farrell
Advisor: Matt Melcher

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is an independent, nonprofit, student-run organization dedicated to advancing leadership, design, and service among architecture students.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
President: Calieb Clemons
Advisor: Steven Saunders

The objectives of this chapter shall be (1) to promote the professional development of its members by its programs and by its relations with other Student Chapters and with the parent body, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and (2) to contribute to the development of chemical engineering at Washington State University through activities involving the faculty and student members. This organization will also include the Washington State University student Chem-E-Car team.

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC, a.k.a. Steel Bridge)
President: William Nickelson
Advisor: Adam Phillips

WSU Steel Bridge Team is an academic team that competes in the American Institute of Steel Construction’s (AISC) annual Student Steel Bridge competition (SSBC). The AISC SSBC challenges student teams to design and fabricate a scale model steel bridge that is approximately 20′ long and can hold roughly 2,500 lbs.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
President: Seger Lawson Smith
Advisor: Saumya Amarasiri

ASCE Student Members are making a difference in the civil engineering professional community while still in college. Student chapters participate in competitions, share resources, and offer lots of educational and networking activities.

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
President: Olivia Amyx
Advisor: Carrie Vielle

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) advances our members’ knowledge of the interior design profession and communicates the impact of interior design on the human experience. We encourage education, community, and provide professional development opportunities.

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
President: Paul Delashaw
Advisor: Steve Austin

Our mission is to promote education, community involvement, student activities, a sense of spirit and pride, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. ASLA involvement is quite extensive — from community clean-ups, Habitats for Humanity, Open House activities, garden show exhibits, national professional and student conference participation, interdisciplinary activities, and inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
President: Joel Villanueva
Advisor: Roland Chen

ASME aims to be the premier organization for promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences to our diverse communities throughout the world.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Bremerton Campus
President: TBD
Advisor: Behrang Asgharian

Located at the WSU Bremerton Campus, this ASME chapter provides a multitude of opportunities for students to get out of the classroom and into various learning environments. ASME Bremerton hosts professional development work shops and social retreats, centered around the mechanical engineering discipline.

Associated Students of Construction Management (ASCM)
President: Reece Wiyrick
Advisor: Rick Cherf

ASCM serves as the umbrella organization for all construction management student organizations. We strive to provide academic, social, career networking, and community service opportunities to our members.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
President: Nick Kraabel
Advisor: Venera Arnaoudova

The Association for Computing Machinery is the WSU chapter of the national ACM society. The ACM is dedicated to preparing EECS for professional careers by hosting workshops, interview prep, and industry talk events. Annually, the ACM hosts the CrimsonCode Hackathon which is the largest Hackathon put on at WSU Pullman which consistently hosts roughly 300 participants.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
President: Katherina Zaharov
Advisor: Dmitri Tolkatchev

The Biomedical Engineering Society is an open club for students of all majors to come and enjoy what we have stored. It is an open space for students to come and destress and have fun. For students majoring in Bioengineering the club offer a professional networking opportunity by having Q&A sessions with professionals in the field whether it is in industry or research. We also offer many tours that represent the Bioengineering field on both fronts to expand our students interests and to show them what is out there. Outside the tours we also include fun activities that allows the club members to meet and connect with each other.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Association
President: Mirittka Hasan Rodela
Advisor: TBD

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Association (CEEGSA) aims to foster a vibrant and supportive community within CEE sub-disciplines. Specifically geared towards graduate students in CEE, the CEEGSA is here to support students in any manner possible during their stay at WSU.

Concrete Canoe
Captain: Trevor Whitmire
Saumya Amarasiri

Cougar Car Club (CCC)
President: Tywin Cary
Advisor: Mae Siev

Cougar Car Club welcomes all car enthusiasts throughout WSU! We welcome new and returning students from all over campus as well as alumni. All of us share one amazing passion, CARS! This group hosts events such as car meets, cruises, and many other community events.

Cougs in Space – CougSat
President: Maya Olson
Venera Arnaoudova

Cougs in Space is Washington State University’s first Cube Satellite club. Our mission is to launch our satellite, CougSat I, into space by April 2021 and plan to start on CougSat II this semester.We are WSU’s largest engineering club with over 120 members, and we welcome members of all backgrounds and experiences into our club to learn and help us accomplish our goals! Another core mission of our club is to train better engineers who know how to communicate and work with a large and diverse team to achieve a common goal, and to connect our members with internship and networking opportunities to further their potential career options after college.

Crimson Robotics
President: Virendra Uddanwadiker
Advisor: Mae Siev

Washington State University’s official Battlebots team. Our club’s mission is to compete in the Discovery Channel TV show BattleBots. This involves building multiple 250 pound robots! Our team members work on the design, manufacturing, and programming of the robot.

Cyber Security Group (CSG)
President: Zachary Werle
Assefaw Gebremedhin

Our mission is three-fold: to collaborate and exchange knowledge with local colleges and universities, to help train college students of all backgrounds in the field of cybersecurity, and to compete in competitions and CTFs (for example, the to expand and cultivate our knowledge.

Design Activism Society
Co-Chairs: Dorothy Greenhalge, Dakota Witte
Ayad Rahmani

DAS is a student-founded group open to any WSU students who are interested in learning about and discussing social responsibility of design. Topics will be centered around the built environment, with a focus on actionable steps that can be included in students’ education and careers.

Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)
President: Harleen Kennedy
Darhl Edwards

DBIA represents the entire design and construction industry. As an institute, their primary objective is to provide education, training, networking, and support to all players involved in the design and construction industry. Members span the entire spectrum of design and construction professionals, including architects, engineers, specialty contractors, owners, consultants, lawyers, business development professionals, students, and teachers.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
Project Lead: Mitchel Ivory-Saunders
Advisor: Karl Olsen

Engineers Without Borders WSU is a group of driven student volunteers developing engineering solutions for struggling communities across the globe. We hope to provide sustainable resolutions for communities to meet their basic human needs while simultaneously leaving behind a community that is empowered to thrive for years to come.

EUNOIA (formerly Masters of Design “MoD”)
Clara Krause
David Gunderson

WSU Eunoia (formerly MOD – Masters of Design) works to advance the best interests of students in the School of Design and Construction (SDC) by enriching their overall collegiate experience. We aim to improve student life by advancing curricular and extracurricular activities tailored to needs of the students of the School of Design and Construction.

Everett Engineering Club (Everett Campus)
Facebook Link
President: TBP
Advisor: Xiaopeng Bi

The WSU Everett Engineering club is a project-based club that allows our engineering students to gain hands on, real world experience. Current projects include Wind Energy, Baja SAE, Mars Rover, and Design Build Fly (DBF).

Frank Scholars Society
President: Taylor Megaw
Advisor: Shelley Pressley

The Frank Scholars Society [club] is the RSO organization for the Frank Scholars program, which is a multidisciplinary program made up of junior and senior engineering, communications, and business students who are interested in technological entrepreneurship.

Game Development Club at WSU
President: Zachary Newsom
Advisor: TBD

Our goal is to help guide all (unexperienced to well established) in the process of developing a game! We go over creating a project in various engines including Unity, Godot, and Construct3, as well as making video game art, music, and more.

Girls Who Code (College Loops)
President: Anya Castillo
Advisor: Shira Broschat

Girls Who Code works to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills needed to pursue 21st-century opportunities. Our vision is to reach gender parity in the computing and technology sectors. We seek to reverse the decline by providing free and flexible computer science programs from elementary school to college.

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Anthony Krupa
Advisor: Subhanshu Gupta

IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly-cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE WSU Student branch is a hub where students can explore in various social as well as technical activities which enables them to adapt to challenges ahead.

Linux Users’ Group (LUG)
Andrew Christenson
Advisor: Patrick O’Keeffe

This club exists to promote the visibility and use of Linux and other Free and Open Source software. We give away free Linux USBs and Open Source software USBs for other operating systems, help install Linux, and run mailing lists providing free Linux support. It can be a big jump to break away from proprietary software, so we’re here to help.

Material Advantage
Raine Antonio
Advisors: Scott Beckman

Material Advantage invites all students who are either in or interested in the Materials Science & Engineering field at Washington State University.

Materials Research Society (MRS) for Graduate Students
President: TBD
Advisor: Yu-Chung Chang

The purpose of this club is to give all WSU graduate students whose field of research hinges on material properties the opportunity to better both the social and intellectual environment of all graduate students and also outreach to the community to improve the understanding of materials.

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)
President: Trey Shinn
Advisors: Rick Cherf & Julia Day

The MCAA is a national trade association representing more than 2,800 of the industry’s most innovative and forward-thinking mechanical construction, plumbing and service firms across the United States. These companies install and service technologically advanced and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and piping systems. MCAA also counts among its membership the industry’s leading manufacturing and supply firms.

National Association of Minority Landscape Architects (NAMLA)
President: Vicente Hernandez
Advisor: Michael Sanchez

The WSU NAMLA student chapter is affiliated with the National Association of Minority Landscape Architects. NAMLA’s mission is to champion racial, cultural, and class diversity at all levels of landscape architecture education and practice.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
President: Kofi Frimpong
Assefaw Gebremedhin & Yadira Paredes

The objective of NSBE – WSU is to; develop and implement programs that advances the Northwest Inland’s interest in the various engineering disciplines, Increase the number of minority students studying science or engineering at the Washington State University for both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to take an active roll in the academic, ethical, and professional progress of the NSBE-WSU members.

Palouse Aerospace (AIAA)
President: Tess Matteucci
Advisor: Mae Siev

At AIAA, we participate in a few different projects split between two main groups, the rocket team and the plane team. The rocket team typically participates in the Space Port Competition each year, but is also committed to research projects on campus. Comparatively, the plane group participates in Design Build Fly competition and research. Aerospace Club provides a hands-on experience utilizing CAD software and in the creative process of making different vehicles. We provide a real-world experience in report writing and technical analysis, community outreach experience, and opportunities for future internships and jobs.

RoboSub of the Palouse
President: Audrey Brutman
Advisor: TBD

We are a group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and computer scientists that design, build and compete with autonomous underwater vehicles. Our club has a focus in robotics and submersibles with specific work in computer vision, machine learning, 3D-printing, manufacturing, PCB design and autonomy among other areas. We are always looking for new members regardless of major, even if you would just like to swim with our submarine during testing sessions.

Robotics Club
President: Nicholas Gerth
Advisor: John Swensen

Robotics club is a fun way to meet others and learn new skills about software and hardware along with teamwork. We don’t just build typical robots, but work to incorporate software and hardware into unique projects.

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
President: Yi Chen
Advisor: Lloyd Smith

The purpose of WSU-SAMPE shall be; (1) promote student interest and further improve the quality of the composite and advanced material research at the Washington State University; (2) provide aid for students at Washington State University with respect to academic curriculum, research, employment; (3) promote student participation in local, state and international SAMPE meetings; and (4) promote high school student interest in advanced material and their attendance at the Washington State University.

Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists (SOLES)
President: Perla Meza
Advisor: Yadira Paredes

SOLES is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing, inspiring, and motivating young Latinx with an interest in STEM to pursue academic and professional opportunities in engineering.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
President: Chloe Kemmerling
Advisor: Nandita Biswas

The Society of Women Engineers exists to encourage women to pursue engineering as a career. This not only includes recruitment, but also support and networking. We welcome women from the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) as well as math and science majors. Men are welcome to join our group and support their classmates and fellow future engineers.

Society of Women Engineers, Graduate Students (SWE)
President: Vishnupriya Jonnalagadda
Advisor: Gayathri Krishnamoorthy

GradSWE is a non-profit educational organization committed to informing, encouraging, and empowering female engineering graduate students to thrive in graduate school and beyond. We aim to create a supportive community that will improve the retention of women in graduate engineering programs. Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on providing members with the resources they need to succeed in graduate school and their future careers in industry or academia. Men are welcome to join our group and support their classmates and fellow future engineers.

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society (TBP)
President: Audrey Brutman

Tau Beta Pi is the oldest engineering honor society in the nation, recognizing outstanding engineers across the entire engineering profession. To further the goals of the Society, the Washington Beta chapter of District 14 was established at Washington State University in 1923. It serves as one of the 251 active collegiate chapters across sixteen districts, and has recognized 3,644 high-achieving engineering students since its installation.

President: Peter Lagonegro

Triangle Fraternity is a STEM based fraternity on the WSU Pullman Campus!

Virtual Design and Construction Club
President: Erin Arviso
Advisors: Alana Pulay  Hongtao Dang

Our club is a group of passionate individuals in the School of Design + Construction dedicated to advancing the construction field through innovative design and virtual modeling techniques. We recognize the need and value the opportunity to learn new, emerging, and leading software and technologies. We value the need to learn from real-world project examples and offer workshops and seminars with real-world Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) industry leaders.

Water Resources Club
Club E-mail:
President: Tyler Worden
Advisor: Julie Padowski

Water Resources Club (WRC) is a club that informs others of how fragile our water is, what problems we will face in the future and how could we fix those and adapt. We have our big Earth Panel every spring semester on earth day that covers these topics from water experts like USDA, Ecology, Irrigation Districts, and Water Laws. Our next plans are taking part in the Pullmans Annual stream cleanup and adopt a stream.

WAZZU Racing – Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
President: Scott Kindleberger
Advisor: Kurt Hutchinson

WAZZU racing is a group of engineering students, across multiple disciplines, collaborating to produce a formula style racing car from scratch each year for competition that covers design, business, and dynamic racing events.

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