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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Success

VCEA Tutoring Information for Faculty Members

VCEA Tutoring Services is available for all VCEA students across all campuses for drop-in tutorials Monday through Friday. The complete, searchable schedule along with instructions for accessing tutorials is available by clicking here: Tutoring Schedule.

Peer tutoring is effective because the tutors are only a year or two older than the students they are supporting. Tutors remember well where they struggled and what helped them thrive. Additionally, students seeking help tend to view faculty members with a level of reverence, an issue they don’t have with peer tutors. So instead of trying to prove what they know to the people they admire, students are more likely to admit where they need help with their peers.

Nothing can replace the relationship between students and faculty members, but Tutoring Services can be a valuable supplement. The more faculty can work with tutors by sharing syllabi and assignments, the better the tutors can be prepared for students.

A Menu of Services

Additionally, VCEA Tutoring Services also provides support for faculty members. Below are some examples of the ways Tutoring can help:


Tutors can provide workshops to support students in learning specific skills perhaps not covered in class. For example, tutors can provide a MatLab workshop for students. Other topics have been basic coding, PhotoShop, CAD, Adobe Suite, Excel and more. When faculty let us know what they need and when would be an appropriate time to offer the workshop, Tutoring Services can be more effective.

Recitation sessions

Tutors can assist faculty members during recitation sessions by attending and answering student questions in, for example, a breakout Zoom room. This support works best if faculty members meet with tutors in advance and/or share problems and issues students are having. Faculty members can also ask tutors to lead recitation sessions with the same level of faculty support.

Tutors in Canvas

Faculty members can request that tutors be added to their Canvas spaces with the role of “Tutor.” In this role, tutors cannot see student grades or any other FERPA-protected information. What tutors can see, however, are the assignments and questions students have. Tutors, during time they’re not tutoring, can review the material and prepare themselves for when students have questions.

Assignments Prepare Tutors

Faculty members may choose to share assignments and syllabi via email or other electronic means with tutors so they can prepare themselves for students. All materials supplied by faculty are kept under password and not shared with students unless the faculty member requests.

Tutoring Links in Canvas

Faculty members may choose to have a “Tutoring” link on the left-hand spine of their Canvas space. This gives students direct access to tutors from their classroom.

Additional Tutoring

Tutors can provide one-on-one tutoring for students who require it or can attend small group tutorials to provide guidance.

Did You Know?

  • VCEA Tutoring Services has been nationally accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association.
  • All VCEA Tutors are formally trained over the course of a semester in a credit-bearing class which includes FERPA training.
  • We complete thousands of tutorials every year and are highly rated by VCEA students who have accessed our services.



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