A View of the Future

Mary Rezac standing in the lobby of a building.

Dear Colleagues,

As we get ready to start the fall semester, I’m more excited than usual to welcome this year’s incoming freshmen class to campus. Of course, I’m happy to see eager students filling the hallways – looking for their classes, chatting nervously with their new peers, and getting ready to learn engineering, computer science, and design skills that will launch their futures.

But this special cohort of bright students is also the face of Voiland College’s future. This group will be the first to enjoy our state-of the-art Schweitzer Engineering Hall, the first phase of our engineering precinct modernization efforts. They are going to see first hand the girders and joists as they arise. Before they graduate, they will have a chance to open brand new doors and walk inside.

These students are our future problem solvers – After they graduate from WSU, they’re going to work and collaborate in 21st century workplaces to solve our nation’s biggest challenges in energy, the environment, and health. Our modernization effort provides the chance to give them the best start for success in the modern workforce.

The Schweitzer Engineering Hall will be a central hub and gathering place, where this group and future students will innovate together, collaborating with their peers and faculty members within flexible, well-lighted classrooms, active club activity zones, and vibrant senior capstone design spaces. They will be able to learn in a real-world, hands-on atmosphere from their peers and faculty members while also having access to advising, tutoring, and career counseling all in one place.

Multi-story building with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Conceptual rendering of Schweitzer Engineering Hall.

Schweitzer Hall is the first step in revamping our engineering precinct to better meet our students’ needs. We’re re-imagining our engineering and design campus over the next decade, and it’s truly exciting to think about airy, attractive spaces where students and faculty will want to gather and work together.

I’m so grateful for the tremendous support that we’ve received so far for our unique effort – a true public and private partnership that is helping us to achieve our goals. We’re making great progress in meeting our $40 million fundraising goal for the first phase of the project, and we’re looking over the horizon toward building the additional modern facilities needed throughout our Voiland engineering and design campus.

We’re so thankful to the Schweitzers and to SEL for their leading gift as well as to our other generous donors who are stepping up to help us meet this large challenge. We greatly look forward to sharing updates as we continue our efforts and enthusiastically invite you to join this effort. With your help we can achieve our goals – Your support truly makes it possible to realize this exciting future.

Dean Mary Rezac's signature.

Mary Rezac
Dean, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99163