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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture EECS News@WSU 2014

From the Director

Behrooz ShiraziWe are experiencing rapid and dramatic growth in the school, and industry and government leaders are increasingly recognizing the important work that we do here. I believe there is no comparable period in which this school has seen as dramatic growth in prestige as well as in enrollments—this is truly one of the most exciting and challenging times in the history of this school. [more]

Research Innovations

Shira Broschat and Ananth KalyanaramanNot possible? Decoding Bacterial Genomes

With a 3-year NSF grant, WSU professors Shira Broschat, Ananth Kalyanaraman, and Douglas Call are analyzing a group of approximately 18,000 genomes, the most ever attempted. [more]

Partha Pande in LabIt’s a Small World: Building Tiny Chips

EECS researchers are working to build and test some of the world’s smallest and most efficient computer chips. More than 4 million tiny transistors could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. [more]

Doug Allred and Matt TaylorTeaching Robots New Tricks

If you were to give a computer a special treat for doing well, say like you would do for your dog, what would it be? “A plus one.” So says Matt Taylor, Allred Distinguished Professor in Artificial intelligence in the School of EECS. [more]

Student News

Kelsey Bueno pole vaultingPole Vaulting Into Computer Science

When Kelsey Bueno started high school, she thought she would be a wrestler, and when she started college, she thought she’d be an architect. [more]

Plus: More News from Around the School