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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Facility, Operations, and Safety Services

Facility Policies


Please visit the Voiland College Facility, Operations & Safety Services site for how-to’s about submitting maintenance and alteration requests.

Units can make upgrades/renovations to their assigned space inventories with the approval of the unit Director/Chair/lead administrator, in coordination with Dean’s Office Facilities Director.

Improvements, upgrades and/or renovations made to property within the unit’s assigned space inventory are at the expense of the unit as the primary tenant and are not reimbursable expenditures should the unit no longer occupy the space. Free standing equipment and improvements can be removed, but infrastructure and fixtures made as part of improvements are not to be removed (sinks, cabinets, doors, locks, cougar cards, casework, lighting, etc…)

Emergency Contact Information For Labs

At least one, preferably two, emergency contact phone numbers will be posted outside the door of each Voiland College lab. The phone numbers provided will enable emergency responders to get in touch with a person familiar with the lab any time, any day, all year (24/7/365). Ideally this contact will be to a mobile phone number the contact will have with them (24/7/365). The contact(s) assigned as the lab’s emergency contact is responsible to be highly knowledgeable of the lab’s equipment, chemicals and hazards.

Designated Key Coordinators

Each School/Department/College Administrative Unit will have at least one designated key coordinator responsible to manage all keys for their area. The Voiland College Dean’s Office will hold a master key for each building. As keys are made all keys will be keyed to both the Voiland College Dean’s Office building master as well as to the requestor’s School/Department/College Administrative Unit sub master key. This ensures that each unit holds a sub master key to provide (emergency) access to all their assigned spaces via a single key and that the Dean’s Office master key, by building respectfully, also has (emergency) access to all Voiland College spaces.  Please visit building hours and access to find each unit’s coordinator(s).

Key & Cougar Card Issuance

Persons will only receive keys to the respective rooms they need access to (office, lab, classroom) per WSU BPPM 50.20. They will not be given master, sub master, or additional keys outside their current facility assignments. Keys will be collected back, and cougar card access adjusted, as spaces are transitioned and as part of Voiland College’s personnel and student organization on-boarding/exit processes.


Keys are considered to be tools necessary to complete assigned duties. Guidelines for determining need for keys include the following:

  • Keys to University facilities may be assigned only to individuals with an official WSU affiliation, i.e., employees, students, or individuals doing research under contract to WSU.

In order to be assigned keys, each individual must possess a CougarCard with a valid student or employee identification number.

  • An employee with a continuing need to frequently access an area during the hours it is locked may be issued keys. Upon termination of employment or upon leaving permanently or for an extended period, keys must be returned to the department’s key coordinator.
  • An employee or student with a temporary need to access an area during the hours it is locked may be issued keys for the required period. Keys must be returned to the department’s key coordinator at the end of the period.

NOTE: An authorized person carries a CougarCard with a valid student or employee identification number when accessing University buildings after normal working hours. The individual shows the card to WSU Police or security staff upon request (see BPPM 50.24).

OmniLocks & Cougar Card Readers

OmniLocks are no longer being installed in Voiland College. They are end of life and no longer being supported for maintenance and repair. Voiland College is transitioning to Cougar Card readers with the intent to outfit all labs and classrooms with Cougar Card readers over time.

Facilities Maintenance and Alteration Requests

All maintenance requests (no charge requests) can be submitted through MyFacilities by anyone.

All Facilities requests that require funding will be submitted through MyFacilities listing the Voiland College Facilities Director as either the primary of secondary contact.

Facility modifications can not be performed by one’s own (called self performed work) without prior approval. This includes (but is not limited to) painting, flooring, extending networks, cabling, electrical, water, hood or ventilation systems, and items that may impact a building’s envelope such as AC units. There are numerous reasons for this, with the focus on safety as well as state laws and WSU EPMs, BPPMs, and SPPMs. Please feel free to contact the Director of Facility, Operations and Safety Services for Voiland College with questions at or 509-335-3783. As reference, a few of the WSU BPPMs regarding facility modifications are noted below:

BPPM 80.45 Requesting Facilities Operations Services
BPPM 80.48 Moving Services at WSU Pullman
BPPM 80.56 Minor construction, Renovation, Remodeling, and Demolition
BPPM 80.58 Funding Departmental And Research Project Equipment Maintenance
SPPM Safety Policies and Procedures Manual


Any item going to surplus will first be offered to the Voiland College College areas prior to requesting a pickup from surplus. This includes all Voiland College property, equipment and furniture.

The purpose is to enable Voiland College in re-purposing its assets where it makes sense, reduce asset expenditures, increase asset life-cycles, and only divest itself of assets that have been confirmed to have no further value to Voiland College.

Scheduling College Spaces (Conference Rooms & Classrooms)

All Voiland College scheduled spaces, such as conference rooms and classrooms, will be/are made available online for viewing and potential use by all of Voiland College. The unit allocated the space/room will be responsible for scheduling the resource and keeping the calendar online current and accepting or declining reservation requests.

The unit allocated the space/room will have first priority over the room. As second priority units will share their conference and classroom spaces with other Voiland College units, on a first come first serve basis. Units requesting the use of another unit’s conference/classroom space are discouraged from making requests for long term or recurring reservations that would impede the primary use of the assigned unit’s conference/classroom space.

The unit allocated the scheduled space cannot bump another unit’s reservation out of the room after the reservation is booked (exception made if an alternate resource can be found that suits both unit’s needs).

The purpose for this is to reduce personnel time spent finding conference resources available, encourage collaborations, and aid in sharing resources across the college when applicable.

Note: The College standardized on one platform for all scheduling resources Spring 2015, using WSU’s Centrally Supported Mail and Calendaring tools, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. Voiland College resources available for scheduling have been named using a similar naming convention to make it intuitive to find Voiland College resources. The standard is:

College Building Room # Unit Responsible for Scheduling Brief Description.
An example would be “Voiland College Dana 142 Dean’s Conf Room”.

Service & Support Animals

Please reference WSU Executive Policy 39 regarding service and support animals.