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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Innovation 2015

125 Years, and Counting

In the 1890s, just a handful of students studied engineering back when Washington State University (then Washington State College) opened its doors in Pullman, Washington.

Today, WSU’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture celebrates its 125th anniversary by providing world-class education to more than 4,300 undergraduate and graduate students at campuses around the state.

In this celebratory issue, we look back at our accomplishments and forward into our exciting and promising future.

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In This Issue

WSU Researcher moving a broken board in the wood lab circa 1960.


Read some of the history of our 125 years of research. Our important work continues in the areas of advanced materials, air and water resources, sustainable infrastructure, catalysis, and the smart electric power grid. Our researchers are working to develop novel bio-based plastics, develop new sustainable building materials, improve understanding of air pollution, and even make jet fuel hydrocarbons from fungi.

Homer Dana

From Research to Reality

From the beginning, Voiland College researchers and alumni have brought their products to the marketplace with significant impact on the economy. One of the college’s early engineers, Homer Dana, developed an early facsimile machine and an emotional stress meter (lie detector).

WSU Electrical engineering students conducting field tests circa 1968.

Changing Lives for 125 Years

As part of its land-grant mandate to educate students in practical skills, from its beginning WSU taught mechanic arts, which included engineering, mineralogy, mining, and metallurgy. Classes included advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, dynamo mechanics, and metallurgy.

Students, staff and faculty outside the newly renamed Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Supporting Our Students

Thank you! With your support, Voiland College successfully achieved its five-year, $125 million Campaign for Washington State fundraising goal by helping raise more than $130 million in private donations.

2014 Voiland College research funding by source graph

Voiland College: By the Numbers

Voiland College continued its growth in undergraduate enrollment and research, as well as the number of undergraduate and doctoral degrees bestowed.