Stephenson Complex

When choosing housing arrangements, the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture strongly encourages incoming freshmen to sign up for Stephenson Complex, which offers a living-learning community for students interested in science, engineering, and mathematics.


Benefits for students include:

  • The opportunity to come together with students who share a common academic purpose, encouraging the strong development of college-level study and learning skills.
  • Enrollment with your neighbors in common introductory engineering classes, including Chemistry 101 or 105, Math 107 or 171, and Engineering 120.
  • Free, tutor-assisted study halls in science and math, offered Sunday through Thursday evenings.
  • Out-of-class programming specific to science and engineering, including lectures from successful alumni, student professional club demonstrations, and career information in science and technology.
  • Opportunity to earn merit-based scholarships, specifically for students living in Stephenson Towers.
  • Close proximity to engineering and science classroom buildings.
  • A close-knit and empowering community to help you achieve your academic goals.

Research shows that bringing you together with other students who share your interest in science and engineering will help ensure an excellent start to your college career. Students who share a living-learning experience, like that offered in Stephenson, consistently do better academically than students who go it alone. Exposing you and your fellow engineering students to engineering culture, concepts, and careers tends to sustain motivation in your engineering classes. Furthermore, the living-learning experience at Stephenson creates a cohort of students majoring in engineering that will become your foundation for support for your years here at WSU and beyond.

Recreation Center

Check out the Down Under Recreation Center in Stephenson Complex on the south side of campus. This facility offers cardio and weight lifting equipment as well as fitness classes and multipurpose rooms.

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