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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Resources

Transfer Information

Washington State University offers degree programs in engineering, computer technologies, architecture, and construction management that build effectively on previous coursework completed at community colleges.

You’re considered a transfer student for admission purposes if you have attended college after the summer following high school graduation.

It is strongly recommended that potential transfer students contact a WSU academic advisor in their intended major to assist with planning their community college course selections in order to maximize transfer efficiency.

Writing Portfolio Requirement

Completion of the Junior Writing Portfolio is a general education requirement for graduation at WSU. Transfer students entering with 60 or more credits must initiate the Junior Writing Portfolio by the end of their first semester at WSU. To this end, you should save examples of writing from coursework completed at your community college. Instructor signatures are required, so it is important to plan ahead.

Transfer Equivalencies

Use this table to determine which courses are required for your degree program and find the equivalent course(s) within your community college. You can find more information on AS-T major-related program pathways at the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges.

WSU CourseCommunity College equivalent courseRequired for these majors
ENGR 120Intro to Engineering/Innovation in DesignCE, EE, ME, BioE
Math 171Calculus I and Calculus IIBioE, CE, ChemE, CompE, ConE, CptS, EE, ME, MSE
Math 172Calculus IIIBioE, CE, ChemE, CompE, ConE, CptS, EE, ME, MSE
Math 273Calculus IVCE, EE, ME, MSE, BioE, ChemE, CompE, CptS
Math 220Linear AlgebraCE, EE, ME, MSE, BioE, ChemE, CompE, CptS
Math 315Differential EquationsCE, EE, ME, MSE, BioE, ChemE, CompE
Chem 105Chemistry I and II w/labCE, ConE, EE, ME, MSE, BioE, ChemE, CompE
Chem 106Chemistry III with labMSE, BioE, ChemE
Chem 345Organic ChemistryChemE.
Note: an entire year of Organic Chemistry may be required to meet the transfer equivalency for Chem 345 at WSU. Please contact the Chemical Engineering academic advisor listed below for more details.
Physics 201Engineering Physics I and II w/labBioE, CE, ChemE, CompE, ConE, CptS, EE, ME, MSE
Physics 202Engineering Physics III w/labCE, EE, ME, MSE, BioE, ChemE, CompE, CptS
English 101English CompositionBioE, CE, ChemE, CompE, ConE, CptS, EE, ME, MSE
EconS 101MicroeconomicsConE.
Choice of EconS 101 OR 102: CE, ChemE, BioE.
Recommended for: EE, CompE, CptS.
EconS 102MacroeconomicsME, MSE.
Choice of EconS 101 OR 102: CE, ChemE, BioE.
Recommended for: EE, CompE, CptS.
Biology 102General Biology w/labCE, ConE
Biology 106Organismal BiologyChemE
Biology 107Cell Biology and GeneticsBioE , ChemE
MBioS 101Introduction to MicrobiologyCE, ConE
EE 261Electrical Circuits IEE,ME, BioE, CompE
EE 262Electrical Circuits I LabEE, ME, CompE
CE 211StaticsCE, ConE, ME, MSE, BioE
CE 215Mechanics of MaterialsCE, ConE, ME, MSE
ME 212DynamicsCE, ConE, ME
ME 301Fundamentals of ThermodynamicsME
CptS 121Programming Design in C/C++EE, ME, MSE, CompE, CptS
CptS 122Data Structures in C/C++EE, CompE, CptS
CptS 131Programming Design in JavaCompE, CptS
CptS 132Data Structures in JavaCompE, CptS
COM 102Speech CommunicationCE
BioE- Bioengineering
CE- Civil Engineering
ChemE- Chemical Engineering
CompE- Computer Engineering
ConE- Construction Engineering
CptS- Computer Science
EE- Electrical Engineering
ME- Mechanical Engineering
MSE- Materials Science and Engineering

Academic Advisors

Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering
Maria Greaney Curry

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kelli Gardner-Schrand

John Rarig

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Kathryn Jackson

Josh Whiting

Paul Wilmoth

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Andrea Butcherite

Megan Comstock

Distance Degree Programs in Bremerton/Everett
Linda Howell

WSU Transfer Clearinghouse
Waylon Safranski