What makes Washington State University’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture stand out from the crowd for those looking to get a degree?

We ask computer science major Boris Bugingo for his thoughts on what makes WSU such a special place.

Boris Bugingo.

Name: Boris Bugingo

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2022

Major: Computer Science

Activities: Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation, National Society of Black Engineers, TRIO Student Support Services


  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
  • Leadership 1000

Q: What have you learned at WSU that will help you most in your future?
A: The first computer science class I took at WSU – CPTS_121 – challenged me to think about problems differently and come up with a solution in a whole new way.

In computer science, I had to adopt different strategies of understanding and solving problems, which has allowed me to appreciate the little things that play a significant role in success.

Throughout my experience here at WSU, I have challenged myself to keep a daily schedule that prioritize activities that will help ensure I will be healthy and successful. The habits I have gained from the classroom and outside are excellent skills towards my future.

Q: What advice do you have for fellow or prospective students?
A: Cherish the journey. Take college one step at a time – it will reassure your success in your academics. Get involved with activities – you’ll get the chance to connect and share similar stories with fellow students in your major or outside major. Programs like LSAMP, TMP, NSBE, and McNair have reassured my success by providing me with the resources and tools to achieve.

Q: What has been your favorite class at WSU, and why?
A: My favorite class was CPTS_350 with Dr. Zhe Dang; we focused on design and algorithm analysis. In this class, I connected the dot of the importance of design and how it could eventually affect my algorithm and ultimately the product I’m creating.

In the course, we spent most of our time analyzing our codes, and we can find optimal solutions that can be difficult to accomplish.

However, the knowledge Dr. Zhe provided made the course fun and memorable.