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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Student Highlights

Giving Opportunity

Ramiro Gonzalez

Strategically looking for answers, Ramiro Gonzalez gazes across his table that lies covered in papers, a ruler, textbooks, different colored pens, and a cup of tea. It’s a daily routine, as he waits for someone to help. » More …

Northern Star

WSU Civil Engineering student Alyssa Norris at Convocation, Spring 2017

When someone tells you that they’re a president, a senator, and have worked in the White House, you’re bound to be impressed.

But when they say that Santa Claus was once their neighbor, you might start getting a little suspicious.

Washington State University’s Alyssa Norris can truthfully claim all these things- and more.

We recently caught up with the civil engineering major and asked her how she found her way from Alaska, to Pullman, Washington and what advice she has for students trying to discover their path to success. » More …

Summers’ Internship

Ryan Summers in the lab with Robosub

WSU’s Ryan Summers spent last summer building autonomous submarines and interning at SpaceX, a company that’s planning to send a space ship to Mars.

We recently spoke with the computer engineering major and Goldwater Scholar about his experience working at the aerospace company, and how WSU is preparing him for the future. » More …

Code Talker

Rachel Forbes

For Rachel Forbes, computer science is about community.

We recently caught up with Rachel to find out why she chose to study at WSU, and how she is sharing that experience in her role as student ambassador. » More …

Keeping Up With Kory

Kory O’Connor in WSU's Formula SAE race car

Mechanical engineering major Kory O’Connor is a man in motion.

Kory, how did you choose mechanical engineering as your major?

Since I was a kid, I loved taking things apart and figuring out how they worked. If there is something that is broken, I like to try and figure out how to fix it. I like to work with my hands and I liked things that moved and were powered with something – cars, robots, or anything that has motion – and mechanical engineering is the perfect match for that. » More …

ROTC student builds upon national success

Samantha McNicholas

By Zahra Debbek, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

“As a civil engineer, I can build the big picture.”

“Build” is a recurring word one hears when talking with Washington State University student, Samantha McNicholas.

McNicholas has been interested in engineering since her childhood, aspiring to be like her mother who is a software engineer. From a young age, the civil engineering major has used the best of her skills and abilities to build upon her achievements and rise to the top of her class. » More …

FIZ gives students a chance to do-it-yourself

Longboard created by Micah Peyron in Voiland College's Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ)

Micah Peyron wanted a longboard skateboard.

But, instead of buying one, she made it.

Now, she and other students are teaching each other important skills for their own projects, such as how to use band saws, sanders, drills, laser cutters, and 3-D printers, through the Frank Innovation Zone (FIZ). » More …

Going viral

Kaitlyn Franz balances an internship with classes, coursework, 36-hour hackathons, and becoming the next YouTube sensation.

Recent WSU electrical engineering graduate Kaitlyn Franz landed a full-time job with Pullman-based Digilent Inc., a leading electrical engineering products company serving students, universities, and equipment manufacturers with technology-based educational design tools.

Prior to graduation last summer, Franz balanced a busy schedule at included a full-course load, homework, organizing 36-hour hackathons as well as an internship with the company that hired her. » More …

Helping students succeed

Pictured left to right: Voiland College Tutors Dan Richer, Ryder Matanane, Kyle Conard, Carry Smith, and Victoria Ross; and Tutoring Center alumni donors Jack Bowers and Karen Bowers.

By Zahra Debbek, Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture

“The Tutoring Center is a magical place everyone should experience at some point in their academic career.”

That sentiment, offered by chemical engineering major and tutor Brian Johnson, is one shared by many students who utilize Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s Tutoring Center. » More …