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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Graduate Students Present Research

Architecture graduate students presented their current research on November 8th to the 10th in Carpenter Hall.

Monday, November 8th:
Monica Graffenreid: “What’s Under Pullman”
Lauren Kinker: “The New Vintage”

Tuesday, November 9th:
Laurissa Hale: “The Big Box on Main Street”
JK Choi: “Architecture Saved My Life”
Wyatt L. O’Day: “Parasitic Nightclub”
Shonali Bose: “The Design Mind”
Derry Betts: “The Inside Outside House”
Dan V. Blohowiak: “The Cost of Copper”
David Drake: “Hells Canyon Experiment”

Wednesday, November 10th:
Kaitlin Chapman: “Land and Living”
Stephen Foster: “Bathyscopic Architecture”
Laurie A. Nii: “Good Classroom: Bad Design?”
Alan Abdulkader: “Body Topography”
Shane Herzer: “A Better Wall”