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Five tutors pose with donors Jack and Karen Bowers in the tutoring center.
Pictured left to right: Voiland College Tutors Dan Richer, Ryder Matanane, Kyle Conard, Carry Smith, and Victoria Ross; and Tutoring Center alumni donors Jack Bowers and Karen Bowers.

The Tutoring Center is a magical place everyone should experience at some point in their academic career.

Brian Johnson

That sentiment, offered by chemical engineering major and tutor Brian Johnson, is one shared by many students who utilize Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture’s Tutoring Center.

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Help your peers get through challenging classes.

The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring in lower division engineering courses. Civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and bioengineering are some of the fields in which tutors provide help, while also supporting students in calculus and physics.

“The Tutoring Center is a focused environment staffed with knowledgeable students who have already completed the courses students are working on,” explained Johnson.

While tutors are dedicating their time and effort to help fellow students improve, perform well, and ultimately succeed in their classes, the feeling of reward they get every time they help a student understand the material better fuels their desire to welcome students with all levels of mastery.

“I see improvements. Students who apply what we teach them improve,” says former tutor Scotty Cragerud. “My favorite thing about working here is when the student understands the concept – that ‘Aha!’ moment.”

Students studying in the Voiland College Tutoring Center.
Students working in the Tutoring Center

Tutors are pleased to be working in an education-oriented environment that allows them to review what they learned in previous classes. “One of the things that I like about working here is that a review of previously learned concepts keeps me sharp on fundamental courses,” said former tutor Ryan Maio.

Working with people to approach things differently, coming up with solutions for different problems collaboratively, and helping people with different needs are some of the things tutors enjoy about working in the Tutoring Center.

As professors encourage their students to use the center, the number of independent learners and student groups that utilize its services continues to grow.

“It’s a great place to meet up with other classmates, work on homework, and get help at the same time,” said Derek Williamson, an electrical engineering student who uses the center frequently.

Students have access to the Tutoring Center’s computers, lockers, and free coffee. Students are also welcome to use the center as a study area and for their group meetings.

The Tutoring Center is supported by generous funding from the Bowers family.

Learn more about Voiland College’s Tutoring Center, including hours of operation.