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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

Staff Excellence Awards

The VCEA Staff Excellence Awards were established to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of classified and administrative professional (AP) staff in the College. The purposes of the awards include: (1) Publicizing the positive attributes and contributions made by the staff which are important to the College, (2) Rewarding and recognizing individuals who achieve excellence, and (3) Encouraging a high degree of consciousness regarding excellence in the workplace for the entire staff.

Lead: Associate Dean of Research (H. Beyenal)

Nomination Guidelines and Eligibility

  • Faculty, staff, and students in the college are invited to submit nominations for the three staff excellence awards: one Employee of the Year award and two Employee Excellence Awards.
  • Nomination letters will be accepted for these three awards from all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Civil Service and AP staff who have been employed by VCEA for the entire previous calendar year. For example, staff eligible for the award in 2022, must have been employed for calendar year 2021.
  • Civil Service and AP staff who have not been recipients of the Employee of the Year or Staff Excellence award within the past three years.
  • Civil Service and AP staff who are Pullman-based or Pullman-funded.
  • Employees with instructional duties are not eligible for this award. They can be nominated for the Reid Miller Teaching Award (Non Tenure Track).

Submit Nomination

Selection Criteria

  • Performance in the person’s assigned duties (efficiency, conscientiousness, timeliness, job excellence, continuous improvement, etc.).
  • Inspiration of excellence in others (motivational, professional and ethical behavior, positive attitude, etc.).
  • Teamwork in the workplace (flexibility, effective communication, shares knowledge, team building, interpersonal skills, etc.).
  • Contribution to the College’s image and goals (customer relations, community service, recognition for service, etc.).


If you have questions about the award criteria and nomination process, please email Haluk Beyenal.

Previous Award Recipients

Employee of the Year

2022Paul Wilmoth
2021Morann Johnson
2020Jeannine Burke

Employee Excellence

2022Lindsey Beat
2022Darlene Miller
2021Fernanda Amaral
2021Andrea Butcherite
2020Allyson (Aly) Kincaid
2020Joyce Crosthwaite