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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

Anjan Bose Outstanding Researcher Award

The annually awarded Anjan Bose Outstanding Researcher Award recognizes and rewards the top faculty researcher in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture. The award is in honor of Dr. Anjan Bose, who as Dean of the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a recipient of numerous professional awards, pursues excellence in his own research while ardently supporting faculty achievement. The recipient of this award will receive an honorarium and some travel funds for research related activities, and give the Anjan Bose Research Lecture organized by the Dean’s office.

Lead: Associate Dean of Research (H. Beyenal)

Nomination Guidelines and Eligibility

  • The required elements of the nomination are: (1) a letter of nomination; (2) a full curriculum vitae of the nominee; and (3) two letters of reference, at least one of which should be external.
  • The competition is open to all faculty in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, irrespective of campus.
  • Previous award winners are also eligible. But if someone has won it in the past 5 years, he/she should not be nominated again. Those who have won before should only be nominated again for research that is significantly different from that for which they won the previous award.
  • The objective is to select an outstanding researcher from the college. Departmental boundaries are not important. While all directors can initiate the nomination process, we request that you coordinate the nomination through the appropriate school director/department chair.
  • This award is only for VCEA faculty. Therefore, a center can only nominate VCEA faculty. (The faculty member being nominated must have at least 50% appointment in VCEA).
  • The award is open to both tenure and non-tenure track research faculty, since it is for an outstanding “researcher” award.

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If you have questions about the award criteria and nomination process, please email Haluk Beyenal.

Previous Award Recipients

2022Jean-Sabin McEwenChemical Engineering and Bioengineering
2021Jennifer AdamCivil and Environmental Engineering
2020John McCloyMechanical and Materials Engineering
2019Ananth KalyanaramanElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
2018Haluk BeyenalChemical Engineering and Bioengineering
2017Amit BandyopadhyayMechanical and Materials Engineering
2016Chen Ching LiuElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
2015Hussein ZbibMechanical and Materials Engineering
2014Haifang WenCivil and Environmental Engineering
2013Partha PandeElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
2012Pizhong QiaoCivil and Environmental Engineering
2011Haluk BeyenalChemical Engineering and Bioengineering
2010Diane CookElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
2009David BahrMechanical and Materials Engineering
2008Juming TangBiological Systems Engineering
2007Brian LambCivil and Environmental Engineering
2006Michael WolcottCivil and Environmental Engineering