Materials Research Facilities

Shared and Available Facilities for Physical Materials Imaging and Analysis

The list below shows the equipment or laboratory (and room) and the PI or technician last name.

Electron and Optical Microscopy

FEI Field Emission source SEM (with EDS, EBSD, and heating stage), (Scheduling: Schedules for FESEM in ETRL 153)Amy Wo, Dave FieldETRL 153
JEOL LaB6 source SEM (with EDS and EBSD)Amy Wo, Dave FieldETRL 121

Mechanical Testing

Hysitron Nanoindenter (with AFM capability and heating stage)Amy WoETRL 151
Rockwell and Vickers Hardness TestingAmy Wo, Dave FieldETRL 151
Charpy and Izod Impact TestingAmy Wo, Dave FieldDana 236
Tension-Compression load frames, Tension-Torsion Biaxial load frame, Creep testerLloyd Smith, Dave Field, I. DuttaETRL 122

Scanning Probe Microscopy

AFM with Peak Force QNMArda GozenETRL 151
AFMNehal Abu LailWegner 361

Specimen Preparation and Optical Microscopy

Specimen Cutting, Mounting, Grinding, PolishingAmy Wo, Dave FieldETRL 147, ETRL 149
Heat Treating LaboratoryAmy Wo, Dave FieldDana 236
Optical MicroscopyAmy Wo, Dave FieldETRL 150

Vibrational Spectroscopies, Thermal Analyzers, Etc.

Confocal Raman FTIRBilly SchmuckWegner
MagnetometerJohn McCloyETRL 151
DSCMike KesslerETRL 322
TGA/TMAMike KesslerETRL 322
Electrochemical AnalyzerMin Kyu SongETRL 3xx
Zygo ProfilometerI. DuttaETRL 152

X-Ray Instruments

X-Ray CTB. MuhunthanETRL 16
XRDJohn McCloyETRL 206
Analytical XRDBilly SchmuckWegner xx

Other Facilities

The facilities below contain multiple pieces of equipment for materials research.

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