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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

Outstanding Student Awards

Each year outstanding students (sophomore, junior and senior) are selected from each academic program within the departments/schools. They are recognized during convocation, and if they submit their information, they are also considered for the college-level outstanding sophomore, junior, or senior award. Outstanding Teaching Assistants (TA) and Research Assistants (RA) are also recognized, according to the following guidelines.

Lead: Associate Dean of Student Success (S. Pressley) and Associate Dean of Research (H. Beyenal)

Nomination Guidelines and Eligibility

  • For each academic program within your department/school, submit ONE* nomination for the outstanding student award in each of the following categories (some sites may not have a sophomore class):
    • Sophomore
    • Junior
    • Senior
  • The nominee cannot have been nominated previously for the award at the same academic level.
  • The nominee must be presently enrolled in classes that are typically associated with the location and academic level for which they are being nominated. For example, senior nominees must be enrolled in classes that are typically associated with the final year of the program.
  • Junior nominees must be on track to graduate in 2024 (spring, summer, or fall).
  • Senior nominees must be on track to graduate in 2023 (spring, summer, or fall).
  • For each school or department, submit one nomination for outstanding student award in each of the following categories (some units may not have TAs or RAs)
    • TA: the nominee may be a graduate or undergraduate student
    • RA: the nominee must be a graduate student
  • The Teaching Assistant (TA) award is for a student (graduate or undergraduate) who has gone above and beyond the expectation of a typical TA. This can include TAs that are primarily ‘graders’ or hold office hours to work with students in the class, or it can include TAs that are providing more formal instruction, for example teaching or instructing either during a lab section or during the class. Please specify when you submit the nomination as to which type of TA you are nominating (teaching/instruction or grading/office hour support). Each school or department may only submit one TA nomination.
  • The Researcher Award (RA) is for a graduate student who has done exceptional research over the past year as demonstrated by creative and scholarly work. This award is open to all graduate students in good standing.
  • The RA nomination should consist of a brief statement (no more than 1 page in length) that summarizes relevant research, publications, presentations, measures of impact, etc., as well as a declaration of acceptable academic standing. A brief letter of support from the student’s advisor is also required.

* WSU campuses may each submit nominations for outstanding students, TA, and RAs where appropriate. For example, WSU-Bremerton would nominate one outstanding junior and senior, while WSU-TC would nominate one outstanding sophomore, junior, and senior.

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If you have questions about the award criteria and nomination process, please email Shelley Pressley.

Previous Award Winners

Outstanding Sophomore

2023Razan OsmanCivil Engineering
2022Katy AyersBioengineering
2021Michael HatfieldBioengineering
2020Rebecca HsiehBioengineering
2019Dylan SterlingConstruction Management

Outstanding Junior

2023Clara EhingerChemical Engineering
2022Brooke DowningMaterials Science and Engineering
2021Geneva SchleppCivil Engineering
2020David RodriguezMechanical Engineering
2019Patrick RobichaudCivil Engineering

Outstanding Senior

2023Ethan ShaeferConstruction Engineering
2022Geneva SchleppCivil Engineering
2022Gunnar SlyChemical Engineering
2021Patrick RobichaudCivil Engineering
2020Kristian GubschChemical Engineering
2019Hannah ZmudaBioengineering

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

2023Naseeha Cardwell Chemical Engineering
2022Emma Hein (teaching/instruction)Civil Engineering
2022Alaleh Ahmadian (grading/office hour support)Computer Science
2021Ayumi ManawaduCivil Engineering
2020Sachinthani PathiranaCivil Engineering
2019Ashley VuMechanical Engineering

Outstanding Research Assistant

2023Taha BelkhoujaComputer Science
2022Aryan DeshwalComputer Science
2021Cody CockrehamChemical Engineering