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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Staff

2015-2020 Voiland College Strategic Plan

Goals and subgoals

Theme 1: Exceptional Research, Innovation, and Creativity

Goal 1: Increase productivity in research, innovation, and creativity to enhance reputation and address the grand challenges and opportunities of the future.

Goal 2: Further develop VCEA’s unique strengths and opportunities for research, innovation, and creativity based on its locations and land-grant mandate to be responsive to the needs of the state of Washington.

Goal 3: Advance VCEA’s reach both nationally and internationally in existing and emerging areas of achievement.

Theme 1 Sub-goals

1.a. Grow and diversify extramural research funding.

1.b. Attract, retain, and develop high-quality research faculty system wide.

1.c. Develop and sustain the physical and technological infrastructure, resources, and expertise to support increased research and scholarly productivity system wide.

1.d. Build on VCEA’s current and emerging areas of research excellence and international reputation.

1.e. Increase engagement and productivity of graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and undergraduates in mentored research.

Theme 2: Transformative Student Experience

Goal 1: Provide an excellent teaching and learning opportunity to a larger and more diverse student population.

Goal 2: Provide a university experience centered on student engagement, development, and success, which prepares graduates to lead and excel in a diverse global society.

Goal 3: Improve curricular and student support infrastructure to enhance access, educational quality, and student success in a growing institution.

Theme 2 Sub-goals

2.a. Enhance student engagement and achievement.

2.b. Increase the size, diversity, and academic preparedness of the undergraduate and graduate student populations in Pullman and at the urban campuses.

2.c. Produce graduates who are highly sought by post-baccalaureate and post-graduate employers and graduate/professional programs.

2.d. Align student recruitment, admissions, and retention to enhance access, inclusiveness, and student success.

Theme 3: Outreach and Engagement

Goal 1: Increase access to and breadth of VCEA’s research, scholarship, creative, academic, and extension programs throughout the state of Washington and the world.

Goal 2: Expand and enhance VCEA’s engagement with institutions, communities, governments, and the private sector.

Goal 3: Increase VCEA faculty, staff, and students’ contributions to economic vitality, educational outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels.

Theme 3 Sub-goals

3.a. Increase the impact of VCEA research, scholarship, creative, and outreach activities on quality of life and economic development within the state and region.

3.b. Increase access to VCEA place-bound, non-traditional, first-generation, and other underserved and underrepresented students.

3.c. Contribute to economic security, stability, social justice, and public policy through research, education, and design.

3.d. Increase VCEA’s global presence and impact.

3.e. Improve VCEA’s reputation with external constituencies.

Theme 4: Diversity, Integrity, and Openness

Goal 1: Create and sustain a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community of scholars and students.

Goal 2: Cultivate a system-wide culture of organizational integrity, effectiveness, and openness that facilitates pursuit of the college’s academic aspirations.

Goal 3: Steward and diversify resources invested by students, the public, and private stakeholders in a responsible way to ensure economic viability of the institution.

Theme 4 Sub-goals

4.a. Recruit, retain, and advance a diverse mix of faculty, staff, and students, including women and those from underrepresented groups.

4.b. Maintain respectful, inclusive, and non-biased behavior in all university environments. 4.c. Increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

4.d. Strengthen administrative accountability, innovation, creativity, openness, transparency, and collaboration to advance the college’s mission.

4.e. Utilize strategic plans, valid and reliable data, and evaluation indicators to align investments of resources with college priorities.

4.f. Expand, diversify, and effectively steward funding to advance VCEA’s mission.