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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Mechanical and Materials Engineering Newsletter – Spring 2013

3D-4U Technology in Martin Stadium

Personal 360 view and replay technology at WSU Martin StadiumGiving Coug Fans an Interactive Experience

By Bill Stevens, WSU Athletics

When the Washington State University football team opened its 2012 home season in a renovated Martin Stadium this fall, the new facility provided not only the latest in stadium amenities, but a groundbreaking technology to enhance viewer enjoyment in the stadium’s 26 suites.

3D-4U has launched a revolutionary new era for user interactivity in viewing sporting events. Created by a team of world-renowned WSU virtual reality experts, 3D-4U’s proprietary systems simultaneously capture multiple live 180- to 360-degree fields of view and enable each viewer to determine a personalized focus in real time or as a replay.

“We are delighted to launch this futuristic product through Cougar Football,” said Sankar “Jay” Jayaram, founding partner of 3D-4U Inc., a 20-year Cougar Football fan, and professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. “Our goal is to empower sports fans to move from passive viewing to a personalized and interactive media experience.”

This revolutionary technology provides unique access to users in each of the Martin Stadium suites to navigate their own replays, to watch any particular player of interest, either live or during playback, and to pan, zoom, and tilt their view to match their particular interests. Guests in each suite have access to four unique 3D-4U camera feeds which they can control as well as switch between, doing so live as well as through playback of any of the four camera perspectives.

“The 3D-4U technology is a tremendous addition for our suite patrons at Martin Stadium,” said WSU Senior Associate Athletic Director John Johnson. “It provides a unique experience and engages fans on a level beyond the average spectator.”