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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Mechanical and Materials Engineering Newsletter – Spring 2013

Director’s Message

David FieldI hope you enjoy this edition of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering newsletter.

We have a lot of exciting changes to our programs that you can expect to see in the next year. A $3.8 million state allocation to WSU’s engineering programs aims to meet industry demand by significantly increasing the number of engineering and computer science graduates.

As part of the expansion of our programs, we have hired new faculty members. We have also received additional support for significant upgrades and new equipment in our undergraduate engineering laboratories. In addition, you can read about the expansion of our WSU mechanical engineering programs at Olympic College in Bremerton and Everett Community College.

While we are expanding our education efforts, our research continues to have real-world impacts. In this issue, you can read about work our researchers are doing in everything from developing lighter and stronger metals for automotive applications to building a ship that can fly over ocean waves.

Meanwhile, our students continue to get the valuable, hands-on experience that WSU is known for, which will help to prepare them for their careers. Some of our students are building what we hope will be the first student-built, hydrogen-powered airplane. Another group took second place in an international hydrogen design competition.

We want to thank Dave Bahr for his valuable service as director of the School of MME. He has moved on to Purdue University, his alma mater, where he is a professor and the head of materials engineering. We have launched a search for a new director and hope to have him or her in place in time for the start of next semester.

Finally, we are sad to report the passing this year of longtime professor Clayton Crowe. Dr. Crowe taught a generation of our engineering students and is fondly remembered not only for his valuable contributions and excellent teaching, but also for the joy he brought to the classroom and his sense of humor.

Please feel free to share your news with us or come by when you’re in Pullman. Thanks so much for your interest in and support of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

David Field
Professor and Interim Director