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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Innovation 2013 – Aerospace Edition

From the Dean

Dean Candis ClaibornI am pleased to share with you our special edition of e-Innovation, which is devoted to our work in aerospace and aviation. Our work contributes directly to our state’s economy, including in the aerospace industry. An important part of our land-grant mission has always been to work with industry partners to solve important challenges for the state and nation. [more]


Professor Katie Zhong’s graduate student, Tracy Ji, working on developing solid lithium battery electrolytes at WSU.Research to Strengthen the Aerospace Economy

Creating custom satellite parts using 3-D printing? Developing efficient electric power for the next generation of commercial planes? Through the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JCATI), WSU is helping to support the aerospace industry through university and industry collaboration. [more]

Biofuel Center of Excellence

WSU and MIT are leading a new Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and the Environment. [more]

3-D Printing With Moon Rock

Imagine landing on the moon or Mars, putting rocks through a 3-D printer and making something useful. “It sounds like science fiction, but now it’s really possible.” [more]

Tracking Wood in Landfills

Karl Englund is trying to find communities that produce the most accessible, usable wood waste as part of a NARA grant that is developing regional biofuel solutions. [more]

WSU at Paris Air Show

WSU researchers promoted our expertise in developing viable alternative jet fuels before more than 150,000 aviation industry representatives from across the globe at the Paris Air Show. [more]

A Design Viewpoint

Find out how WSU architecture students visualize Washington’s developing aviation biofuel industry. [more]


Genii, WSU's prototype unmanned aerial vehicle, in flightUnique Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Takes Flight

WSU students have conducted test flights of a battery-powered version of what’s intended to be the world’s first university-built, liquid hydrogen-powered airplane. [more]

Boeing Scholars

Students collaborate with Boeing scientists and engineers on real-life aerospace industry projects. [more]

Curriculum Changes to Meet Demand

Unique initiatives are strengthening WSU’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture programs and helping to meet industry needs. [more]

Aerospace Alumni

Astronaut John FabianAlum John Fabian – “It’s all about the derivative.”

Launching into outer space is scary and even more so when one has a good understanding of physics, says John Fabian. [more]

Alum John Pricco – “Fly Away Departure” Means Another Good Day

At WSU, John Pricco learned to think beyond simple engineering and gained a deeper understanding of engineering’s importance in the world. [more]

And More…

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